CLUELESS WARDROBE “Like Totally” – Introducing Cloth App



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Closet Organization is  ”Like Totally” taking over! Everywhere you turn closets are the new accessory to your wardrobe. From Pinterest, Twitter and Instragram – women are flaunting their closets. There is something special about a well organized closet that seems to make us drool with envy.

Cloth App

I’ve always dreamt about Cher’s automated wardrobe from Clueless, it is the perfect combination of organization and sophistication. So you can imagine when I recently came across a Free APP called “Cloth” that allowed me to to log and categorize my outfits all at the tip of my fingers, I was ecstatic!

The “Cloth” App allows you to search outfits by Weather, Occasion, Outfits you love, and more!  visit for  details.


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