Happy Birthday to Me!


I must say I had an amazing 28th birthday! I am so blessed to have such an amazing hubby, family and friends! Thank you so much to everyone for making my birthday so special! I had an awesome week, despite the snow storm on Friday and having the cold. For my Saturday celebrations at Thompson Hotel’s Wabora (which is a fabulous venue). I wore a hot pink cotton top with mesh lining around the neckline/h&m, paired with a black mini skirt - overlayed with black chiffon/Forever 21. Accessories included a studded black and gold... Read The Rest →



Okay let’s face it; I could care less about watching any Award show. But when it comes to Opulent Gowns + Glam Makeup, I am in! I must say I was disappointed by this year’s SAG awards! I always look forward to watching any award show, especially when it comes to pre-wedding season, I find it is a great place to start. Unfortunatley no inspiration will be coming from the SAG’s.  Into the archives it is!      

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