Okay let’s face it; I could care less about watching any Award show. But when it comes to Opulent Gowns + Glam Makeup, I am in! I must say I was disappointed by this year’s SAG awards! I always look forward to watching any award show, especially when it comes to pre-wedding season, I find it is a great place to start. Unfortunatley no inspiration will be coming from the SAG’s.  Into the archives it is!      

Meet Me

Hi Dolls, I’m Sana, and I consider myself an eccentric individual with many passions in life. i.e. Cherry Coke, anything and everything Hello Kitty, La Familia, The Loving Hubby, Thai Food, My uber fuzzy bunny (that weirdly enough gets mistaken for a Shih Tzu) and of course Fashion, Beauty and Style. While I am a Director at a boutique Advertising Agency in Downtown Toronto, that still doesn’t stop me from my alter-ego as what I’ve been called a “fashionista.” I would like to think of myself as a marketer by day... Read The Rest →

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